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As a first-generation American and innovation strategist, I am championing dialogue on how diversity and human connection can unlock untapped growth for companies.

Amongst my advisory work with startups and F500 companies, I founded the Refugee Workplace Integration Program at Deloitte, celebrating inclusion as the single most powerful tool for growth and business empowerment. I am dedicated to empowering organizations to successfully utilize and nurture the talents of minorities and my work at the intersection of inclusion, the future of work, and business growth has been published at Deloitte and Princeton University.

I believe that organizations have an incredible opportunity to use diversity not only to improve business performance but also to meaningfully bridge divides and am committed to educating employers on creating the workplace environments that can reduce prejudice and improve social cohesion across gender, race, ethnicity, and political ideologies.

Recent speaking engagements & interviews

  • Connection and Networks in the Digital Economy
    Guest Lecturer, Princeton University (Nov. 2019)
  • Fostering Understanding & Inclusion in Israel-Palestine
    Speaker, IPF Atid (Oct. 2019)
  • Introduction to Human-Centered Design
    Speaker & Workshop Leader, NameCoach Inclusive Excellence Fellowship (Oct. 2019)
  • The Secret Weapon to Bridging Deep Cultural Divides
    Speaker, Women Design Talks (July 2019)
  • How to Create More Inclusive Workplaces
    Podcast Guest, Way We Lead Podcast (July 2019)
  • Q&A: Creative Sabbaticals
    Interview Guest, Princeton Keller Center for Entrepreneurship (Apr. 2019)
  • Using Workplace Diversity to Bridge Divides
    Speaker, Deloitte D-Talks (Aug. 2018)
  • Retaining Top Talent Through a Culture of Intrapreneurship
    Speaker, Deloitte (June 2018)
  • Women in Marketing
    Panel Moderator, Princeton University (2015)
  • An Algorithm for Growth
    Workshop Speaker, Princeton Social Entrepreneurship Conference (2015)

Recent publications

  • Diversity to Inclusion: 9 Steps You Can Take to Unlock Your Company’s Competitive Edge
    Medium (2019), LinkedIn (2019)
  • A New Home at Work: An Employer's Guidebook to Fostering Inclusion for Refugee Employees
    Deloitte (2019)
  • Business Practice Redesign & The Future of Work: Moving From Best to Better and Better
    Deloitte Center for the Edge (2018)
  • Entrepreneurial Finance: Uber's Path to Success (Case Study)
    MIT Press (2014)
  • Rethinking Productivity: Channeling Energy and Flow Over Discipline to Get Things Done (2019)
  • Building a Shared Israeli Society: Improving Arab-Jewish Relations in Israel Through Workforce Integration
    Princeton University (2015)

Additional talks & workshops I deliver

All my speaking engagements are tailored to my audience: while I have several talks I've previously prepared, I also work with organizers to understand the audience's needs and craft new talks, panels, or workshops that can help elevate the conversation.

Building More Inclusive Workplaces to Unlock Business Growth

Diversity in the workplace can be a double-edged sword: it may pose a risk for conflict or give organizations an incredible competitive edge. The key to unlocking that competitive edge? Inclusion. This talk highlights steps leaders and teams can take to create more inclusive work environments, including actionable tools from Deloitte and Princeton research to unlock the benefits of diversity and inclusion in their organizations.

Using Design Thinking to Maximize Impact and Value

In this session, business professionals will learn to engage the full array of tools that design-thinking and human-centered design have to offer. These tools will help organizations better engage customers, partners, and employees alike to think big and creating meaningful value in their ecosystems.

Diverse, global, and socially conscious: consumers are changing, are you?

The secret to winning in an increasingly diverse, global, and socially conscious marketplace: a diverse workforce. This session covers tools that business leaders and creatives can use to strengthen their understanding of and engagement with their global audience, leveraging diversity and inclusion to design better products, improve user experiences, and tell more compelling brand stories.

A €2.2 Trillion opportunity: integrating refugees into business design

Integrating refugees into the global labor market presents an opportunity to unlock a $2.5 trillion annually. This session covers the tools business leaders need to integrate refugees into their workforce and the design of their products, as well as best practices and case studies on nurturing diversity to improve business performance via improved creativity, productivity, innovation, and decision-making.

Using Workplace Integration to Bridge Divides

Diversity in the workplace has been shown to improve companies' bottom-lines, but that's not all: it also presents a meaningfully opportunity to bridge deep racial, ethnic, political, or social divides. This talk educates business leaders and teams on the tools they can use to use diversity as a vehicle for social cohesion, including an array of case studies and primary research on inclusive companies and the impacts they've had on their communities.

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