A New Home at Work: Refugee Inclusion in the Workplace

Co-author, January 2019
Refugee Inclusion in the Workplace - successfully bringing aboard refugee employees requires more than the usual onboarding process. To create an inclusive workplace culture, organizations need a unique approach tied to broader inclusion efforts.

Via Deloitte

About Dalia Katan

Dalia is championing the conversation on how diversity can unlock untapped growth for organizations. As a first-generation American and innovation strategist, Dalia has worked with some of the world's largest brands including IBM, Deloitte, Estee Lauder, Ford, and UBS, and uses her interdisciplinary background in empathetic design, business strategy, storytelling, and inclusion to help startups and Fortune-500s alike in deepening their connections with customers, growing their existing businesses, and building new ones. In addition to her advisory work, Dalia founded Deloitte's Refugee Workplace Integration Program, celebrating inclusion as the single most powerful tool for business growth. She is dedicated to empowering organizations to successfully utilize and nurture the talents of minorities and her work at the intersection of business growth, inclusion, and the future of work has been published at Deloitte, Center for the Edge, Princeton University, and The Startup. Read more