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I am a senior product leader passionate about the ways we interact with the spaces around us: physical, digital, and social. What if our spaces not only understood but also anticipated our needs? That is how I believe we can build truly game-changing products.

I'm currently CEO and Founder of Presently, a startup founded in 2019 to make group buying and gifting easier. I'm also an angel investor and a fractional Head of Product. Most recently, I also served as Chief Product Officer at Alexandria, a decentralized marketplace for authors to publish their works on-chain, and as co-Founder and Head of Product for Coven Swap and Coven Cats, two web3 projects in the Crypto Coven universe.

My career has spanned product, design, development, and business strategy. I worked as a management consultant for over six years, both in my personal practice and at Deloitte/Doblin. I worked with over 30 startups and Fortune-500 companies alike to launch, grow, and scale their businesses through a deepened understanding of their customer and market, new products, improved brand storytelling, and creative go-to-market strategies.

Prior to consulting, I led marketing and user experience at two e-commerce and media technology startups. I also founded and scaled an online project to over 4M users in 2008, which is how I learned to code and design products. I received my Bachelors from Princeton University, where I studied international affairs, entrepreneurship, and human-centered design.

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